Top 7 Companies to Surpass Industry Expectations in EPS and Revenue Growth for 2025.

In the world of investing, identifying companies with high growth potential is crucial for success. To uncover these hidden gems, we embarked on a comprehensive quantitative analysis of 5,600 companies across various sectors and market cap categories. By crunching historical data and utilizing advanced statistical techniques, we aimed to identify the top companies that could

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7 Revealing Insights from a Mid-Cap Semiconductor Financial Health Check.

Uncovering the Hidden Gems: Mid-Cap Semiconductor Companies for Growth and Innovation. In our previous post, we focused on Large-cap semiconductor companies, such as Intel corporation, ARM Technologies and Texas Instruments. often together with NVIDIA and TSMC these stocks seems to dominate the medias attention, but today we shall shine light upon a few interesting companies

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1.2T$ Semiconductor industry Fueled by Generative AI and 5G

The semiconductor industry is growing rapidly, fueled by the rising demand for special chips needed for artificial intelligence (AI) and telecommunications/technology breakthroughs. This is according to the 2024 Technology Industry Outlook report by Deloitte. The report highlights how these cutting-edge technologies are increasing the need for advanced chips, creating exciting opportunities for the semiconductor industry.

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